Welcome to the new Bujutsu Blog..

..and our new website, we hope you enjoy..

Bujutsu is not new to the martial arts scene in Birmingham, and brings diverse experience to a full time city centre dojo in the Jewellery Quarter..

An Aikijutsu style based upon the arts of Karate, Aikido, Judo and oriental weapons, alongside progressive self defence systems and concepts, it keeps an enthusiastic group of sensei and practitioners working hard and learning lots..

For so many, martial arts becomes a life journey of continuous learning and personal development. It requires discipline, focus, ambition and hard work, so it’s not surprising to see personal success in a dojo replicate itself in life outside. Self confidence shapes self perception and we’ve known careers to improve and comfort zones to have been expanded simply through the practice of martial arts..

Trace many martial art forms back to their roots and not only were they a steadfast prerequisite for self defence in their era, they became an art form for growth and understanding. We must train and train hard, but also learn and seek knowledge within the art itself.. Then the subject takes on a holistic nature, that only benefits the individual practitioner, ..improving skills, attitude to practice, training intensity, which will lead to the reason you started in the first place. To be a great Martial Artist!!