Martial Arts

Martial Arts all comprise a variety of training styles and formats. From practice of technique, partner training, hand a foot drills, speed and fitness drills, pad work, physical conditioning etc etc.. Birmingham has many options for martial arts devotees and beginners..

Some are purely physical, some are very holistic, and the rest fall somewhere in between, whatever their approach, they will bring much benefit to the practitioner or athlete.

Aside from the self defence and confidence building attributes of most martial arts, many students and teachers in Birmingham are finding that in the current economic climate and under increased work pressures, that the practice of the combative arts, Aikido, Karate, Aikijutsu and many others are (pardoning the pun) ‘combatting’ stress levels, improving health, work/life balance and productivity!

Indeed, physical exertion. combined with focus and intent, and a will to improve, has proven time and time again, to be an amazing stress buster. It invigorates the body and mind, and should a great training session should send you home sweaty, with clarity of mind and a fresh enthusiasm for everything. From losing yourself in the practice of kata, to enjoying the workout of your life on the pads, you’ll find martial arts can bring a little peace, excitement, and positivity at the end of a turbulent day!!