What we teach

We call it Aikijutsu..

In a sense, the overarching concept of the precepts of japanese based martial arts, bringing together a diverse range of striking, kicking, throwing and locking skills.

An amalgamation of diverse experience, brought together in a performance art, an arena of close quarter combatives, and dynamic, yet safe partner training.

The search for technical perfection and the experience of the ‘true nature’ of martial arts, can be found in the study and practice of kata, expertise is developed, difficult becomes easy and ‘practice’ is an everyday thing..

Combatives, are the hands on, application of practiced and useable ‘real-life situation’ combative response techniques used with partners to bring ‘the street’ into the dojo. This develops confidence in each student’s ability to apply and utilise basic through to advanced techniques and concepts, when it matters most..

Fitness and conditioning are also high on the agenda, and are taught at a level to suit each and every individual’s needs. ‘Working out’ is more than working out, it is specifically designed with the martial artist in mind, each exercise has purpose and relevancy..

With a specialism in the spirit of the Budo arts, kobudo weapons are also often learned and practiced to appreciate the variety of skill sets of the Bujutsu style..

Iaido, kenjutsu, and wooden weapons often add fuel to the passion of learning what is truly an expansive subject.

By defining, sometimes you lose potential, Bujutsu is undefined by its very nature.. It is a style, it is a concept, it is a way…
For some, …but like all things, not for all..

Bujutsu attracts and maintains an upbeat and positive group of practitioners, students and teachers…

Driven in the pursuit of excellence..