Spirit of Bujutsu

As a tribute to the roots of all Japanese based martial arts, Bujutsu Academy seeks to uphold the nature of tradition and the values that we as westerners feel embody the spirit of ‘bushido’, the way of the warrior.

Honour, loyalty, pursuit of mastery, respect, are reflected through all dojo relationships and interactions.

Diligent practice and continual expansion of new learning and personal development ensures that each session is more that just ‘training’..

Yet Bujutsu, is a new style, written for a new time.<?p>

It demands that the subject matter moves on and into new ways..

To explore, you must enter the unknown, that takes pioneering spirit, belief and the desire to find new ways, new abilities and simply to always wish to do things better..

Bujutsu Academy never stands still and keeps pushing itself to grow and develop as  it encourages its students to do the same..

‘Dynamic, athletic, intense, fun, never dull…’