Darryl Canham – Head Coach

Darryl Canham is the Founder and Chief Instructor of the Bujutsu Academy. Highly qualified in Aikido, Karate and Kenjutsu, also a strength coach and occasional fight arranger and action performer for the film and gaming industries.

Darryl has been in the martial arts game for over 25 years and has as much passion for the subject now, as he did all those years ago. A respected martial arts coach and self defence instructor, he has worked with West Midlands Police, Local Authorities, corporate and charitable bodies to improve personal safety and security for employees, stakeholders and more vulnerable members of society. His Corporate Coaching site Kaizen Self Defence can be viewed by clicking here.

A career marketor, Darryl knows the merits of martial arts training for health, fitness, personal empowerment, safety, security and the mindset that can create a competitive edge, both for personal development and career progression, in addition to corporate success.

Darryl Canham is more than a ‘stand at the side’ coach, he continues to push his own levels, abilities and learning. Experience, passion, creativity and graft are perhaps a few of the cornerstones of his approach and his centre in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham hosts a variety of disciplines highlighting the evolving martial arts, traditional and otherwise.