How we teach

‘With passion and power’

Professional instructors, with great passion for their subject, ensure that each and every lesson is tailored to the requirements of the class and the individuals training within it.

Class sizes vary, and new students are always trained in a smaller group by a qualified instructor who’ll ensure that they get ‘up to speed’ before joining a larger group.

Several weekly sessions are available, with most students training 2-3 times per week.

Throughout every year, specialist subject workshops are held to up-skill existing practices and try new disciplines. There are monthly seminars, weekend courses to immerse yourself in advanced training.

Black belts, when qualified, train in the Sensei Academy, with all of the club’s most advanced martial artists, to further increase their talents and abilities. (See testimonials)

National gradings

For those who wish to chart their journey, national gradings are where students ‘earn their ranks and their stripes’.
Rather than being just a test, a student is encouraged to showcase their abilities, and feel the pride in their continual progression. Gradings are encouraged, but not mandatory.