Kaizen Centre Birmingham

Martial arts in Birmingham began the Kaizen Centre journey. However with increasing demand for other forms of health and fitness and an expanded repertoire of talents and teachers, the Kaizen Centre in the Jewellery Quarter grew to satisfy these requirements. And it’s never going back!

Clearly very different to a traditional gym or fitness centre, the Kaizen Centre is a coaching facility, catering for discerning and ambitious health and fitness fans, in addition to martial artists, anyone new to training, those returning from injury and yoga fans!

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Martial Arts Club in Birmingham

The Kaizen Centre encompasses a variety of different martial arts styles. Aikijutsu as well as Aikido Te and Karate. Described as traditional and progressive styles, the training revolves around sound technical abilities, application drills, combatives, pad work, fighting concepts and for sure fitness, strength and conditioning.

Our martial artists are a great team of guys, who pour tons of effort and ambition into their training. Many of our student base have been training with us for well over a decade and are now accomplished instructors in their own right.

What happens at the Kaizen Centre?

The activities and classes will expand and change positively over the next few years, with martial arts a given, we have a load of great things for people to get involved in:

Jewellery Quarter Gym?

We are not a gym!

Far from it, we are a coaching, performance and development centre. Person-centred with our approach to training, we develop training strategies and programmes for all kinds of people.

Our martial artists study towards the coveted black belt and then embark on continued personal development through training in a group specially designed for the more advanced practitioners.

We have coaching as a fundamental part of any class at the Kaizen Centre, from MetCon and HIIT to Yoga and Gyrokinesis, the instruction or teaching team ensure that learning and development are paramount to the clients success and progression.

Darryl Canham

Darryl Canham, the Head Coach and founder of the Kaizen Centre is passionate about doings things differently and providing only the very best client experience. ‘The Kaizen Tribe encompasses people from so many walks of life, company directors working on their competitive edge, to people post surgery working on their recovery. Someone preparing to summit Everest, to a person embarking on fitness for their first time in a while! The thread that runs through all of the clients at Kaizen is a passion for progression and personal development. And because our type of client takes their training seriously, so do we!’