As a man in his late 40’s. I was looking for something that would be physical and enjoyable within the realm of martial arts. I have studied other martial arts as a younger man and wanted to get back into it for many reasons: staying healthy, watching my weight and was trying to find somewhere that would reignite my interest in martial arts.
They say that first impressions are the most important and my first few lessons at the Bujutsu Academy in Birmingham did not disappoint. The instructors were welcoming, friendly and they knew their stuff. The students were all helpful and enthusiastic.
I have now been studying at Bujutsu Academy for nearly 3 years, my waistline has decreased by 4 inches, my confidence has grown immensely and the students and myself always leave the dojo sweating hard, but I have never seen anybody leave without a smile on their face..
It is very difficult to explain or express what potentials can be realised by everybody who begins training here and becomes a part of this amazing place. I can only say, that you should come and see for yourself.

Hope to see you there,
W (Jeweller)

I’m 21 and fairly new to Bujutsu but I’m very happy that I found this martial art. I was nervous when I started but thanks to some fantastic instructors and amazing higher grades I now feel ‘like part of the family’. Everybody wants to help each other and the whole attitude and atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly and everyone just wants to progress and get better which in turn makes you better. Since starting at the dojo I have improved my balance, fitness and core strength and hopefully there are many more attributes still to gain. Looking forward I’m hoping to achieve black belt and just continue to improve in the many more years to come, so hopefully I’ll see you on the mat.
A (Engineer)

I have been studying Bujutsu for just over a year now, and it has benefited me more than I could have imagined!
A few months a go I found myself in a horrible situation alone with a stranger, I instinctively defended myself and was unharmed. I owe this completely to studying Bujutsu and my teacher.
Bujutsu teaches you about yourself. Physically pushing you to become empowered and strong and emotionally building a positivity that resonates in everything you do.
Bujutsu not only helped me physically that day, turning fear into a positive energy source that aided me, but it kept me balanced emotionally in the time that followed.
The more you study Bujutsu, the more you learn to channel this energy into every day. Suddenly every day has limitless potential that you are in control of, just like the Bujutstu.  It makes anything possible.
On that day Bujutsu turned me from being a scared mouse, into an empowered, quick thinking and confident young woman.
I hand on heart recommend this to anybody wanting to become someone above and beyond what they ever thought possible.
S (Administrator)

I have been training Bujutsu for 2 years and within this time I have learnt more then I anticipated.
Bujutsu has a unique fighting style which teaches you numerous technical combative skills.
Not only has Bujutsu made me physically stronger but mentally too. It’s expanded my way of thinking, as well as self discipline and self control, it teaches you to think with an open mind.
I’ve been able to take part in weekend courses, power training sessions and have been a part of ‘fight club’. We get the chance to train with kobudo weapons and learn how to disarm others of them.
Most importantly We are taught by the best! very experienced and knowledgable teacher, full of respect and honour who encourages motivation and dedication!
I have practiced martial arts numerous times in my life but never really been satisfied, it wasn’t until I found Bujutsu when I finally found out what martial arts is really about. I have found that due to the confidence I have gained here I now take on challenged head on with a different approach… I would recommend Bujutsu to anyone who is willing to learn something new, it can be challenging at the best of times but 100% worth it!
J (Entrepreneur)

I have been coming to the Birmingham Dojo for just over 2 years, I train in Bujutsu. I love it. I had minimal martial arts experience so I came into this very much as a beginner.
I looked into many different fighting styles but I was searching for something different, something that could develop me mentally as well as physically. I found it in Bujutsu.
The Instructor’s knowledge in his craft is vast. His tutelage, his belief in us and encouragement drives us to be the best that we can be.
I have achieved things I didn’t know I could and my self confidence and self belief have improved exponentially. Every session is different and engaging. Every time I come away feeling great. 
I am in my early 40s and I have never been fitter, healthier or more positive in my life, I firmly believe that my time learning Bujutsu at the Birmingham Dojo has been the driving force behind this.
K (IT Consultant)