Joining Bujutsu

Inspired by film, media and art, or allured by the spirit and nobility of the warrior way, if you are new to martial arts, our teaching system encourages and allows people to start training at any time, no matter what their experience or fitness levels.

So, if seeking depth of content and depth of spirit, a profound understanding of technique and its applications, Bujutsu Academy will provide a learning environment to challenge you and make you great!

Martial artists reborn..

Many of our students, are on ‘their second time around’, perhaps careers and responsibilities put a stop to the journey, or perhaps the over commercialisation of martial arts, made them disillusioned.

Combining the nature of tradition and the principles of progression, Bujutsu Academy has created a dojo that brings the best of ‘old’ martial arts together with new ways..

Relationship is a vested experience, a truly great teacher, sees each student in their own right and invests time, effort, thought and shares time both on and off the mat..

If you’re training with a great sensei, I ask you to be honourable and stay with then, if unhappy, move on, but move on with honour, they have inputed greatly to your journey..